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31.august 2014

Blandt illustrationerne i Ib's News er en del tegninger af den fremragende sydafrikanske satiretegner Zapiro. Det er med stolthed, at kan fortælle, at disse tegninger bringes her på siden med særlig tilladelse fra Zapiros rettighedshavere, jfr. følgende e-mail dateret 13. september 2008: "Til: Emne: Zapiro Cartoons on your site - Do you have permission. AMATOLA FOUNDATION. To whom it may concern, We notice that you are using Zapiro cartoons on your site. (...) As you are a non profit organisation promoting a worthy cause, we can grant you permission provided you put a link back to Could you please do this as soon as possible and let us know. Thank you in advance, Richard Hainebach, CEO E-Partners4 Representing Zapiro / Jonathan Shapiro Cartoonist,".

Amatola Foundation

AMATOLA FOUNDATION is a Danish non government organisation with a humanistic purpose. Our aim is to develop an altruistic approach among Danes towards global problems caused by poverty and an unequal share of resources. Especially aid projects directed towards underprivileged children, youth and popular movement are in our focus.

We concentrate on innovative support in Africa. And our main focus is primarily The Eastern Cape region in South Africa.

We are involved in these specific areas: Youth and community education, Training and skills empowerment, Social rehabilitation, Cultural development.

The basic philosophy of AMATOLA FOUNDATION is that every project must contain a bilateral possibility for impact, exchange and development: in Africa and in Denmark as well.

We commit ourselves to human development across the boarders of nationality, culture, gender and race.



humanitær forening til støtte af projekter for fattige børn i Sydafrika

Ib's News er et nyhedsbrev, der i perioden 2005 til 2014 er udkommet to gange om året - med stort og småt om livet i Sydafrika.  

Ib's News.

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