Hobbiton Association.


Hobbiton started at the end of the Second World War as a home for orphans created by the war. At that stage it was a Children’s Home and subsequently it has developed from these humble beginnings to what it is now, providing Outdoor Education at 4 centres to all sectors of the community. Included in the groups provided for are various schools, churches and corporate development bookings, however our focus is still strongly towards the Welfare sector and we have various age categories from several children’s homes and shelters around the Eastern Cape attending our camps.



The activities that the children partake in differ according to the age group and duration of the camp but there will always be some Team Building, Environmental Education and Personal Development exposure. These Life Skills are achieved through activities such as Climbing Walls, Group Dynamics, Middle Ropes Course, Abseiling, Orienteering, Raft Building, High Ropes Course, Trapeze, Zip Wire and Jacobs Ladder, as well as through camping and hiking experiences.


The camps that the Hobbiton Association runs for the marginalized children are the Under Privileged Camps (U.P.C.s) which are held in Hogsback for 150 people at a time and last for a week, and Grahamstown Outdoor Outreach Development (G.O.O.D.) camps, for 30 youths for 5 days at a time. Currently we are not running camps from the Port Elizabeth centre, although as soon as finances allow this will be remedied. A particular advantage of running camps from different centres is that it allows us the opportunity to hold graded camps for different age categories as well as allowing us the opportunity of introducing the children to new encounters. Very few Grahamstown children have ever seen the sea and none of the East London children would ever have the chance to see snow, etc.



On all of our camps for marginalized children, emphasis is placed on developing Life Skills such as AIDS education, understanding democracy, conflict resolution, environmental education and team work. Above all, however, emphasis is placed on having fun. The vast majority of the children with whom we work never have a holiday, merely time when they are not at school. They seldom have an inviting home-life nor do they come from a safe neighbourhood. Their parents or guardians are all financially destitute and so even a single week away from the squalor of their natural habitat, where food and safety are guaranteed, is for them a big occasion. Sometimes something as simple as playing a game of soccer on grass, picking fruit from a tree or even flushing toilets are not luxuries enjoyed by most of the children, so when one includes doing activities that they would only have seen in pictures, their pleasure is almost palpable!


Below please find Hobbiton’s Vision and Mission statement to get a greater understanding of the Association.


Hobbiton’s Vision.


Developing Self-Confidence through Self Discovery in an Outdoor Environment
Hobbiton’s Mission Statement.


Hobbiton aims to promote environmental and social awareness, cross cultural appreciation and the development of Life skills through its facilities and the natural setting of its centres in order to assist disadvantaged children.

Yours sincerely,

Josh Paton
Centres Director
Hobbiton Association