July 2011 saw another highly successful 7 day Under Privileged Camp. Below is a brief report plus our preliminary financial breakdown.
We were especially fortunate with regards to our weather as I cannot recall a warmer July camp.

We did the usual activities, although no rafting nor abseiling down Madonna and Child. We had an exceptionally high number of first time Instructors which made discipline more difficult, as well as on-the-job tuition. Despite this it was a very successful and enjoyable camp and we are hoping for another, bigger and better camp in December. 

Yours sincerely,


Josh Paton

Centres Director

Hobbiton Association



Camp for Under Privileged Children - July 2011.


Numbers invited: 120
Numbers attending 93

Grahamstown: 41
East London: 42
Hogsback: 10

Female: 70%
Male:  30%


Group photo - Hobbiton UPC Camp July 2011.


Reasonable to very poor.
Some of the Grahamstown Children were from the Raphael centre, which is an organisation that deals exclusively with people affected by the HIV / AIDS pandemic, either being HIV positive themselves, or having parents who are, or through being orphaned through AIDS. Some of these children are relatively affluent, coming from the wealthier parts of the township, although the majority were very poor.
The East London children were from E.L. Children’s Home which comprises of four homes in and around E.L, as well as Isaiah 59, East London Child Welfare and House on the Rocks Children’s Home. The Children were selected by their caregivers.
Camp duration


7 days.

Activities offered


Self Development, Understanding Democracy, Creative Arts, Abseiling, Group Dynamics, High, Middle and Low Ropes Courses, Hiking, Videos, Camp Cleaning, Kitchen Work, Early morning jogs / swims / aerobics, Activities in the Hall, Night Hiking and Camping and the eradication of Alien Plant species, understanding the need for a clean environment, AIDS lectures and Soccer, Volleyball and Cricket matches.

Numbers: 25
Backgrounds of Instructors

South Africa: 22 (Xhosa: 6, English: 16)
American: 2

Drinking water in the forest - Hobbiton UPC Camp July 2011.

The Camp

This camp was held for seven days for 93 children who democratically chose their activities, from adventure to recreational, work to play. Points were awarded for each completed voluntary task and again extra duties (such that would benefit the community, like litter collection or dish washing) were assigned to misbehaving individuals. We also continued with our programme of developing Life Skills that they are not given at school and we educated the children on Alien Invasive plant species and we eradicated some in and around Hobbiton. We continued to use the basic model of the camp as we have been so successfully using over the last few years, again with great success.

We did not have the benefit this camp of having the Assumption nuns to give us any feedback and the other organisations seldom give us any reports, so this aspect is conjectural and subjective, but I never-the-less feel completely confident that the camp was very successful.


Choosing shirts - Hobbiton UPC Camp July 2011.
Costs were the following (ZAR):

Food:  46.514

Fuel:  7.230

T-shirts:  5.552

Stationary:  279

Telephone:  1.307

First Aid:  144

Face clothes:  489

Sports Equipment:  588

Casual Labour: 1.972

Gas:  1.964

Electricity:  1.290


Total costs: ZAR 67.329


Income from Amatola Foundation: ZAR 67.000

Thanking you again,

Yours sincerely,

Josh Paton
Centres Director
Hobbiton Association